Fighting Against Cancer

Fighting Against Cancer
Last Update:
Thu, 01/29/2009 - 7:54pm

Much progress has been made in diagnosing and curing cancer, but the results of that progress do not seem to be enjoyed by everyone. Therefore the American Cancer Society has asked the NAACP and the Merrimack Valley Branch to assist it in its struggle to assure equal access for all to health care.

This requires access to health coverage for all, which the Commonwealth is working toward under the leadership of our governor, Deval Patrick, and education for all as to how use the system for early detection of possible problems and prevention.

The American Cancer Society also wants everyone to know about the free services it provides to cancer patients. These services include free transportation to treatment for patients in need, wigs, cosmetics and other paraphenalia to assit patients with their personal care, and peer advisors for those who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

Please contact the MVB NAACP at for more information and to help spread the word about this program.